Dante's Invention

James Burge

"The book wears its considerable scholarship lightly. Written in a no-nonsense, attractive style it combines seriousness with wry humour."
 Christopher Frayling



Welcome to the page for Dante's Invention, a new narrative biography of the man who wrote the Divine Comedy. 

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Among the things you can do here is read a synopsis of the book and visit the Dante's Invention Facebook page which contains yet more links, pieces of interest and commentary. 

There are also some interviews with author, James Burge, about the book on You Tube and you can download some of the chapters before buying. 

Of course, you can also visit the Amazon pages for both the US and the UK where Dante's Invention is on sale at very reasonable prices.

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"This is a book I strongly recommend to anyone reading Dante for the first time, or for students of Italian literature who want to understand Dante’s world."
Stephen Wade, Catholic Herald

An accessible narrative biography of the medieval writer who gave the world  Dante's Inferno and wove into his story a picture of the universe which has resonances to this day for all readers whether from the Christian faith or not.  see also A. N Wilson "Dante in Love"